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Our team of dedicated and experienced filed consultants are on hand to provide your employee with a customised tour of their new neighbourhood in line with the needs of your employee and family. This could include postal, banking, medical and sports facilities, local expatriate associations, local charitable organisations, language schools, children’s clubs and play centres, malls and a guide to local public transportation.

Home Search

Our dedicated and experienced team of relocation consultants have expert knowledge on popular local expatriate areas and work with some of the industry’s best real estate agents to ensure your employee’s new home is exactly where they need. Our Home Search services include property viewings, lease negotiations, pre move-in property inspections and post move-in support.

School Search

We ensure that the children’s schooling transition to Malaysia is as smooth as possible. We assist by providing unbiased advice on the local international schools that are available. This includes accompanying the family to the shortlisted schools, liaising with the chosen school to secure your child’s place and providing support with the application and payment process.

Pre-Assignment Orientation

A pre-assignment visit is designed to provide your employee and their family with the right tools to plan their upcoming move. Our team offers a realistic understanding of the local housing market, international schooling options, as well as pertinent information on the local culture, customs and cost of living.


Our team can personally assist with opening a bank account and converting a driver’s License to a local one. We can also help with the following services: household movement of goods, furniture rental, utilities connection, car hire, domestic help, pet relocation, language training and cross-cultural training.


Designed to help the assignee conclude a lease with minimal fuss or facilitate any pre-mature lease terminations. Our aim while delivering departure assistance is to minimise cost or lost to the corporate client or assignee while reducing time or efforts invested.

Cultural Training

Moving to a new country can be exciting as well as daunting. To successfully integrate your new employees with their new colleagues and neighbours, it is important to understand the local customs and norms. We are more than equipped to provide cultural training for both expatriate employees and their families ensuring all family members settle into their new life as quickly as possible.

Temporary Accommodation Arrangement

If you are in need of temporary housing for your employees, we can assist in identifying suitable options within their preferred location and budget. As we partner with many reputable serviced accommodations, we are able to secure low rates at many locations throughout Malaysia.

Country Information

Our Team has the experience from both the local and expatriate perspective. There’s lots of information out there on the Internet, but is it all up-to-date and accurate? Talk to PRS for the inside facts to make your relocation to Malaysia a success.

Expatriate Risk Management

We are experts in ensuring expatriate risks are identified, categorised and managed. Home Environment & Safety Assessments cover the home, Safety Orientation ensures your employees are aware of their neighbourhood, and Malaysian norms, and defensive driving courses help integrate your employee to Malaysian traffic.

Malaysian Passport Recognized as one of the Powerful Passport

The Malaysian passport is ranked as the 13th most “powerful” in the world, as holders enjoy visa-free access to 178 countries.

Although Malaysia’s ranking on the 2020 Henley Passport Index and Global Mobility Report dropped by one compared with last year, it is still among the top four Asian countries holding “passport power”.